Division of Genetic Resources and Breeding

This division mainly focuses on aquatic organisms breeding, genetic resources exploitation and natural population sustainable utilization, covering genetics, quantitative statistics, molecular biology and biotechnology. Its fields composed of 1. Multi-traits selective breeding of aquatic organism and technology development and service; 2. Natural resources conservation and hatchery release assessment; 3. Heredity and analysis of economic traits in aquatic animals.

Accomplishments in recent years:

1. Development of multi-traits selective breeding system based on BLUP genetic assessment technique in aquatic animals;

2. Establishment enhancement releases assessment technology based on molecular marker in Chinese shrimp and applied in other marine organisms;

3. Series new varieties development in marine culture, including Chinese shrimp“Huanghai No. 1”, “Huanghai No. 2”, turbot “Dan Fa Ping”, swimming crab “Huangxuan No. 1” and Pacific white shrimp “Renhai No. 1”;

4. Project“Multi-traits new variety selective breeding and industrialization” lead by General Director Kong Jie was awarded the Taishan Scholar Program for Seed Industry of Shandong Province;

5. “New variety development of turbot ‘Dan Fa Ping’ and culture technique research” was awarded 1st prize of Shandong province for Progress of Science and Technology in 2012;

6. “New variety development of Chinese shrimp ‘Huanghai No. 2’ and culture technique research” was awarded 1st prize of Chinese Agriculture Science & Technology Award in 2013;

7. “New variety of swimming crab ‘Huangxuan No.1’ development and ecological farming demonstration” was awarded 2nd prize of Shandong province for  Progress of Science and Technological in 2014;

8. “The selective breeding and extension of improved variety in scallop Patinopecten yessoensis” won the 2nd prize of Qingdao municipal Scientific & Technological Progress Award in 2012.