International Cooperation

    YSFRI has developed relationships for scientific cooperation and exchange with more than 20 countries, regions and international organizations, including Norway, Canada, US, UK, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan and Korea. YSFRI has hosted a number of international science conferences, including The International Conference on Pacific Large Marine Ecosystem, Annual Meeting of PICES, GLOBEC Second Open Science Meeting, etc. 



Hosting GLOBEC second Open Science  Meeting


Hosting the Eleventh Annual Meeting of PICES

Prof.Tang Qisheng and Dr.Kenneth Sherman discuss the development of China-LMEs and Global LMEs

Seminar of marine bivalve food safety

Antarctic scientific research

Prof.Ma attended academic exchange in ITOF.UK


The Hand-over ceremony of R/V Beidou between China and Norway

Dr.Jie Huang,as a Member of the Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission,the World Organisation of Epizootic(OIE),was attending the commission meeting.