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Professor Songlin Chen made aninvited presentation at ICG-Ocean 2017

The International Conference on Genomics-Ocean (ICG-Ocean) 2017 was held in Qingdao on 7 ~8 September. By the invitation of the organization committee, Professor Songlin Chen made a presentation entitled “Flatfish: Genome to Breeding” on the first day of the conference.

Professor Chenreviewed the research achievements of Yellow Sea Fisheries Institute, CAFS in Chinese tongue sole Cynoglossussemilaevisand Japanese flounder Paralichthysolivaceousgenome analysis, genetic mechanism study and molecular breeding. In the aspect of fundamental research, Professor Chen’s team completed Chinese tongue sole’s fine map construction and sex chromosome assembling, and further revealed the evolution mechanism of its sex chromosome. They also identified the sex-determining gene of Chinese tongue sole and verified its function by using of genome editing. Furthermore, they uncovered the molecular mechanism of flatfish metamorphosis based on the complete genome sequence analysis of Japanese flounder. In the aspect of applied research, firstly, they obtained the sex-specific SSR markers based on the genome sequence of Chinese tongue sole and established molecular sex control technique and high proportion female fry production technique. These techniques have increased the female proportion from 20% to more than 40%, which is a successful example of sex marker applying into fish aquaculture. Secondly, they established disease-resistance genome selection breeding technique based on the Japanese flounder genome sequence. And this technique has been used to successfully selec t a new breed named as “Pingyou No. 2” with the feature of high disease-resistance and rapid growth. These applications have deeply penetrate from genome to gene discovery, and to molecular breeding. They also made a leading and demonstration effect on the update of fish molecular breeding and pushed the development of fish breeding techniques. The presentation has aroused the wide attention and interest of experts and researchers at the meeting, and accelerated the cooperation and exchange in related research fields.

By attending the ICG-Ocean 2017, the researchers of Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, CAFSgained a deeper understanding aboutthe new developments of international aquaculture and marine genomics. At the same time, the conference has exhibited the innovated achievements in the flatfish genomics and molecular breeding of Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, CAFS, and improved the awareness and influence of Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, CAFS in the international aquaculture genomics and genetic breeding fields. 

ICG-Ocean 2017 was cosponsored by BGI, Qingdao municipality government, and Qingdao West Coast New Area Administrative Committee. More than 300 experts and researchers coming from America, Germany, England, Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka and China attended this conference. Three parallel sessions-Ocean vertebrate, Ocean invertebrate and Ocean microorganism-were held following the Plenary Session. And the participants in the conference have conducted extensive and profound academic exchanges on the research direction of interest.


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